English and Maths Tuition in West Sheffield

Specialist KS3 and GCSE Tutor. Academically, I focus on the core subjects
English Language
English Literature

I’m based in Ranmoor, West Sheffield and specialise in working with students aged 11-16. I work with a focus on succeeding at the KS3 and GCSE level. I work with a strong emphasis on the overall intellectual development of students as well as with a clear focus on achieving results in national exams.

I offer

Exam preparation
Weekly Tuition
Online Tuition
Consultation related to exams and university entrance

The Process

  • I will meet with the student and parents together to discuss how things are going in school and what they are looking to achieve. Often I will have students bring along a sample of their work to this meeting so that I can have a look through it before we begin tuition. At this point we will agree a schedule to begin working from.
  • Depending on the requirements of the student we will usually meet once or twice per week, either in person or online. This may vary for students who are attending for intensive exam preparation.


  • ‘The classes give you the opportunity to get the most from your time and yourself…. the tutor is focused on you the whole time too, so he can help you more than in a class with more students.’

    Student, Madrid
  • ‘The impact of your tuition on Amanda’s English has been amazing! Amanda has started developing an interest in creative writing, so much that towards the end of the school year she won a prize for a short story she wrote during a competition in school and her work was read in assembly!’

    Mother, Fulwood
  • ‘We have had regular updates from Lawrence and he was very approachable. Both I and my son felt the money was well spent as he knew he was progressing.’

    Mother, Monaco
  • ‘Courtney’s exam results have improved from last year. She has found that learning doesn’t have to be boring and her interest has grown. Getting her to read a book doesn’t seem to take too much effort.’

    Mother, Ranmoor