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Gibby: It's an exact replica of my own head! Sam: What does it do? Gibby: Blow minds!

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Nora: Awww, you're all so welcome. Nora: Oh silly Carly, he can't hear you. Hcat Yeah, where's the off switch? Carly: He never told our dad that he dropped out of law school so now he wants to pretend he graduated and that he's a lawyer in a big law firm.

Y'know, without special glasses. Sit down. Freddie: I've done stuff on the show before!

Nora's Mother: They're quite unbreakable. Next Special offers and product promotions Kids' Wish List A fun and safe space dedicated icarlj children to create their list of gift ideas.

Do you want the Dershilts to hear you?! Carly: [looks at Sam] Sam. Sam: [Smacks Freddie on the head and screams into his ear] Mrs Benson, help us!! Freddie: You got a job interview? Freddie: You said, "Wait a second. Carly: [walks up to the TV] Spencer!

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Nora: Oh, no it's not. Nora: Yes goo!

Freddie: Gibby! Now let's all where party hats, there's some right over there!

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Nora's Parents: Oh, thank goodness! You could call him Baggels. Freddie: [worried] Oh, the shock pen?

Carly: Nora Freddie: You get my phone down from there right now! Nora: [stands up off the coach] The proper term is disturbed, lonely, socio-path.

It's christmas!

I am T-Bo! Nora: Oooo, bad idea. Now this is the real me. The Dershilts will notice he's gone!

Icarly chat

Benson: Where are you going? And you won't be able to stop it. Sam: Move. Carly: Shhh!

Icarly chat

Spencer: Any toilet would be fine. Cyat really thought this through. Dershlit: And ever, and ever, and ever Gibby: Let's go bathe in the glory. Carly: We thought you meant climbing up the chimney! Sam: C'mon man?!

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A least she'll try to be gentle. Freddie: You made a hamburger? That ain't happening. Gibby: Are your feet in milk?