About Private Tuition

Individual Attention

Private tuition offers a level of individual attention that is unique in the education sector. I commonly find that students have basic gaps in their knowledge or misconceptions that may have been negatively impacting their work for a number of years. Through working on a one-to-one basis these issues can be resolved relatively quickly and commonly students will go on to make great progress over the course of an academic year.

Focused work

I work from a well-equipped classroom in Ranmoor, Sheffield. This environment is ideal for students to engage in highly-productive, focused learning. The room is spacious, calm and distraction free. One hour of focused, one-to-one work is often as productive as four or five hours of work in a regular classroom environment.

Academic Support

As English and Maths are core subjects and important life-skills that can have a significant impact on career prospects, it is essential for students to gain at least a functional level in these subjects. For students who are not naturally strong in one or both of these subjects it is often tremendously helpful to work with a tutor on a one-to-one basis. In this environment the class progresses at a pace that is suitable for the individual student, there is the opportunity to ask questions freely and knowledge and understanding are frequently tested and checked.

Academic Acceleration

Over the years I have found that gifted students often benefit a great deal from the accelerated learning experience that is possible in private tuition. It’s common for very bright students to become disinterested and frustrated by their school environment or a poor relationship with a particular teacher. I have an academic acceleration programme which I run for gifted students. This programme focuses on accelerating the students’ academic learning, building confidence and encouraging independent projects and study.

Dyslexia and other Special Educational Needs

Dyslexic students face particular challenges when it comes to navigating school and university. In English Language and Literature in particular dyslexic students can face a number of challenges. Private tuition is particularly useful for dyslexic students as I work with the student to bring awareness to areas of weakness and also to develop strategies that play to the student’s strengths. I also have good working relationships with more specialist special educational needs centres in Sheffield and around the UK. I have referred a number of students to these centres over the years and in some cases this was the first time the student had been fully assessed.

Online Tuition:

I also offer online tuition.  The process is the largely the same as that of face-to-face tuition.  Classes take place on a shared online whiteboard and we communicate via video-link.  We use a variety of online resources throughout the classes and students can easily screenshot and save notes and solutions. I find that working online lends itself well to private tuition; the medium leads to focused, productive classes.  Students typically enjoy the process of working online and I have found that it is a highly effective way of teaching.

About me

I was educated at Westbourne and Birkdale schools in Sheffield. I then attended Oriel College, Oxford University on an academic scholarship.
After graduating with a BA and MA in Modern Languages I began my career in teaching and tuition.

I have been a full-time private tutor since 2010 and have had the good fortune to have worked with many hundreds of students aged between 11 and 16. Building core skills in English and Maths is the focus of my work. Armed with core skills, students develop core confidence. With the requisite skills and sense of self-belief, students are well-equipped to pursue higher education or further training. I believe that education is about developing students’ ability to go forward and eventually have a positive impact in the world. A solid grounding in Maths and English are the foundation for further success.